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Clutter and Kidrobot announce the 1st Annual DTA DUNNY Show

Clutter and Kidrobot announce the 1st Annual DTA DUNNY Show What began as a simple idea to allow artists to work live on stage at the 2014 New York Comic Con, has grown into something so much greater. On January 10th, The Clutter Gallery will open its doors to an incredible month long exhibit of customized [...]

The Epic Collaboration Between Otto Björnik and Jeremiah Ketner

You hear about the meeting of two great minds all the time, but sometimes you don’t see the results. this time around, we get to see the stunning and beautiful work crafted by Otto Björnik and Jeremiah Ketner! Utilizing Kidrobot’s own Munny and Trikky, these two masters have perfectly blended their unique styles to form two [...]

Klang customs!

In our never ending search for great customs, we ran across the work of Klang aka Darren Clegg! We love his whimsical work on many pieces, and his hyper realistic work is spot on. His “Be Careful what you Fish for” series caught our attention and then we went down the rabbit hole into more [...]

Igor Verniy creates found object masterpieces!

All of us have junk sitting around from old stereos and watches to car parts and bikes, but it takes a keen eye like Igor Verniy’s to take “junk” and turn it into amazing creatures! Russian artist Igor Verniy’s animals are created after astute observations of the subjects, and then the creation process begins utilizing [...]

Kidrobot x Diamond Supply Co.

You heard rumblings about a Kidrobot x Diamond Supply Co. collaboration for quite some time now, and all your kickflipping dreams are about to come to fruition with the release of Lil’ Cutty! We don’t just have one day of releases, we have four, and to keep you in check here is the deets! Thursday, [...]

Whiskers the Undead from Kidrobot x Aesop Rock Releases 12-11-14

Our buddies over at Vinylpulse got the exclusive details to the upcoming Kidrobot x Aesop Rock release “Whiskers“! From VP: San Francisco-based hip hop musician Aesop Rock’s favorite feline is reborn once again as  ‘Whiskers The Undead’, a new 10.5” original vinyl art toy from Kidrobot.   Originally introduced to the world in a series of [...]

Kathie Olivas’ “Safe from Tomorrow” opens at AFA NYC

“Their world was soft like melancholy. The conversation was silent. Their faces were small and round, incapable of invoking fear. Once the door was open, nothing could be unseen.” – Kathie Olivas One of the premiere fine artists around and a pioneer in the customization world, Kathie Olivas is about to open her breathtaking new [...]

Shok-1′s “The Consumer”

Shok-1 just dropped one jaw opening print in his online shop that tickles our nostalgia bone and our love of art! Available right now here, “The Consumer” is simply awesome! A 30 year veteran in the street art movement and hardcore video gamer since the early 80’s, SHOK-1 painted the image inspired by the classic [...]

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