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Collection Showcase: Andrew Bell

Are you excited for the release of Andrew Bell’s 20 inch Dunny “Orange Drop” tomorrow? Well, we are stoked, and to fuel our love for Andrew even more, we asked him to show off some of his personal collection. You read correctly, we have our first artist in the Collection Showcase! It is great to [...]

MUNNYWORLD is sized to gigantic proportions! The Monsta MUNNY is Available NOW!

  MUNNY, the premier customizable canvas for artists everywhere, now comes to life in 4 feet of mammoth glory. This sleek, larger-than-life, fiberglass silhouette has a chalkboard finish so you can create a new art masterpiece every day, leave a message to friends and family, or even do the occasional math problem (we don’t judge) [...]

Collection Showcase: Fastfingers21

Are you excited for the release of Dunny Art of war tomorrow? Well if for some odd reason you aren’t we got a collection showcase that might amp up that excitement! This time around, forum member Fastfingers21 graciously shared with us his collection, and wow does he have some gloomy armies going on! He even [...]

Product Preview: Dunny 2014 Art of War

Kidrobot has unearthed a long-lost chapter from Sun Tzu’s military classic! 14 artists each tackle an aspect of warfare in the latest, martial-themed Dunny series set to release Friday, June 27th for $11.99 each. Featuring a spectrum of WMD thru the ages, learn from designer toy generals: Colus, Devious, Frank Kozik, ilovedust, Igor Ventura, Kano, [...]

Product Preview: Orange Drop. 20inch Dunny by Andrew Bell

The enchantingly ripe orange sun fades into the night. Featuring Andrew Bell’s illustrative imagery against an eye catching orange fade. Compelling and rich, it’s beauty is captivating. Orange Drop will be available at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers on July 3rd for $399.99.

New Samsung G11 MiWe Mini Figures!

Kidrobot and Samsung have teamed up again to release all new, G11 “MiWe” mini figures to celebrate the 2014 World Cup. MiWe is the new Samsung Galaxy-inspired toy platform that was revealed earlier this year at CES and MWC. These figures celebrate 13 of the best footballers in the world and are complimentary gifts distributed [...]

Sneak Peek! Dunny 2014 Art of War, Volume III. Are you ready?

Click through the link to view more sneak peeks of Dunny 2014! Click here.

Collection Showcase: Rmetz27

Get ready Robot fans because we are about to give you a series helping of eye candy! We love our fan’s passion for collecting. Many go to great lengths for their collections and are very proud of what they have worked so hard for over the years. We thought we would start showing off some [...]

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