Huck Gee Clocks Hours at the Kidrobot Warehouse

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Huck Gee dropped by the Kidrobot warehouse in Northern California to sign his new Skullhead Dunnys. Some of you may remember this figure from Dunny Series 1, but this time he’s 20 inches tall, insanely rare.
As of 6/18/09 at 3:12pm, this figure has completely sold out.
Huck Gee signs Skullhead Dunnys at the Kidrobot warehouse

Huck Gee Skullhead Dunnys at the Kidrobot warehouse

Get to know the artist, Huck Gee in his artist profile or find Huck toys and apparel on!

7 Responses

  1. JayJayFool

    I would be soo happy to have one it wouldn’t matter to me if everyone in the office humped the face of the dunny!!

  2. just1nj

    lmfao. look at all the sex stacked up. :)

    the office looks a bit nicer than i thought it would look like.

  3. fingah

    Some katz got it all wrong ~ do they think that they were magically made in an invisible factory without a human hand laid upon them and delivered to KR by stork?
    …just purchase for the “right” reason and never have to worry if what you have purchased was manhandled.

  4. thegfm

    +1 JayJayFool.

    Seriously. The Man signed your Dunny himself – not a stamp, or a screen, or even some kind of coupon to get in the front of the line at the next Huck signing. Huck HAND-SIGNED all 200 figures. What do you have to bitch about? He took a picture with a bunch of ’em – big fuckin’ whoop. Have you nothing better to cry about? “Oh, he may have posed my Dunny!” Grow the fuck up.

    Crybabies like you two are going to make this a once and done hand-signed release. Pussies.

  5. JayJayFool

    ^… thats a joke right?? Get over it, its not like they had them out and were playing “Army men” with them or anything. I REALLY don’t think its gonna hurt the dunny to sit it up on its box and take a pic!! You should be happy A) you got one and B) Huck signed it.

  6. Justin

    I hate to know my 20” Skullhead Dunny was out and about (even posed). For $400, it should just be signed and sealed back up. Pure crap seeing those expensive figures out like that.

  7. Johnny T.

    awesome toy..but for what that toy cost…. rip off and waste of money.