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So I was at the Secaucus train station, waiting for the train, as usual. It was a nice sunny day and I was almost blinded. Not by the sun, though. I was nearly blinded by the man in the pic above.

Obviously, you can see why. His jacket was DAY GLOW COLOR BLOCKED.
Now were this a winsome, fashionable, YOUNG girl, it could have been cute… but we’re talking about a sixty-year-old man who was wearing short shorts. Who wears short shorts? NOT OLD MEN.

Of course, as a male fashionista who’s not as young as I would like myself to be, I can’t hate on this dude. I am sure he was feeling quite fab when he left the house.

This actually happens to me a lot, as a matter of fact. I leave my house in the AM, thinking I look the baddest; by the afternoon, I catch myself in the mirror, and have what I call an “HCC Moment.” That’s when I go, “HOLY CRAPPY CRAP!!!”

I wonder if he had an “HCC Moment” later on that day…

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5 Responses

  1. PJ-yup-itsme

    jak2ster, i wanna see the windbreaker! send in a pic!!

  2. Jak3ster

    Haha I think it’s pretty dope and probably something I’d rock with a pair of bright colored Nike SBs.

    P.S- I can top that jacket, the windbreaker I have is a neon green ans super bright colored and changes to a bright purple color just like a pokemon hollographic card! Oh yeah! Lol


  3. shuzluva

    Ah, NJ. Live it, love it, get bleach for your eyeballs. I can’t think of living anywhere else.

  4. David K

    I actually have a closet full of day glo orange. It brings out the fire in my eyes.