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Remember Kidrobot 16, KidPunk? Check out his new sidekick, Punk MUNNY by Kidrobot fan Ryan S! Rock on Ryan!

Submitted by Ryan S

Punk Munny!


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16 Responses

  1. rob w

    wtf ryan hahaha i no that desk i no u hahhahhahhaah remember we burnt that kid robot thing hahaha

  2. Shanna Madigan

    Great work Ryan!!! Very impressive!!!

  3. Trigger

    Ha! I had a blue mini-munny with the mohawk for about a year now, only realised yesterday it goes over his head, not across it. :D

  4. Anne

    Hey RY,….the grips of the hands are great….look like he is ready to drive!!

  5. Christina

    Right on Ry! Looks pretty good. Just hope those “piercing” aren’t a hint for what’s to come for you in the future ;)

  6. Judy

    Cool! I like the ear piercings! Not a lot of hair like that in Edmonton…

  7. Marylen

    Hi I live in Chelmsford Ontario Canada and think this is neat!