Rollin’ Stock Photo Scavenger Hunt Results

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brobee bean

To honor the release of DJ Kid Acne’s amazing Rollin’ Stock mini series, we held a photo scavenger hunt in which contestants had to shoot and send us the craziest pictures imaginable. And, wow, did they ever! Dozens of participants joined the fray, submitting photos of Kidrobot-inspired cuisine, seniors playing Twister, and even people sitting in the back of police squad cars clutching their favorite Dunny. Like we said, crazy.

After endless deliberation and point tallying, we chose the winners. But honestly, the submissions were simply too good to keep to ourselves. Take a gander at some of our faves below, followed by links to the photos that are still available to view online.

After much deliberation, we chose the winners, but the pics were too good to keep to ourselves. Here’s a few of our faves and links to the photos that are still available to view online.

Grand Prize Winner!

Jon B.
San Diego, CA
$1500 Kidrobot Gift Certificate
A complete set of Rollin’ Stock Mini Figures
A complete set of every mini figure series released for the rest of 2009!

2nd Place!

Lillian T.
San Jose, CA
$1250 Kidrobot Gift Certificate
A case of Rollin’ Stock Mini Figures

3rd Place!

Cassandra P.
Orlando, FL
$1000 Kidrobot Gift Certificate
A case of Rollin’ Stock Mini Figures

Runners-UP! ($50 Kidrobot Gift Certificates)

Emerson M.
Santa Cruz, CA

Matthew T.
Toronto, ON

Blake B.
Austin, TX

Darius J. P.
Houston, TX

Rebecca B.
Los Angeles, CA

Chris S.
Glendale, CA

Kerry T.
Boca Raton, FL

Some of Our Favorite Entries

[nggallery id=9]
Thanks to everyone who entered!

Rosanna U
Scarbourough, Ontario CA

Joanna P
Whittier, CA

Rhiannon H.
Davis, CA

Jordan G.
Laguna Beach, CA

Jacueline D.
San Diego, CA

Dana B.
Brooklyn, NY

Nicole S.
New York, NY

Nazim K.
Flushing, NY

Sean L.
Wilmington, DE

Michelle and Jem L.
Philidelphia, PA

Brittany D.
Wadsworth, OH

Allison S.
Pama, OH

Timmy R.
Jackson, NJ

Chris W.
Boston, MA

Christen D.
Los Alamitos, CA

Corey F.
Kingston Springs, TN

John T.
Brooklyn, NY

Jake M.
Madison WI

Sydney H.
Short Hills, NJ

Shawn B.
Bristol, CT

Austin H.
Clarksboro NJ

Caitlin N.
Monroe, NY

Francesca T.
Gainesville, Florida

Kate B.
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Sarah B.
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Megan S.
Los Angeles, CA

Calvin K.
Monrovia, California

Joseph I.
Wayne, NJ

Carl D.
Brooklyn, NY

Lily T.
New York, NY

Juan C. and Randi G.
Stone Ridge, VA

Luke H.
Whippany, NJ

Rainer T.

Jenny G.
New York, NY

Kathy N.
Santa Ana, CA

John I.
Arvada, Colorado

Challen C.
Anaheim , California

Eric V.
Corona, California

Olivia S.
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Justin L.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

DeAnnna A.
Akron, OH

Panacea M.
New York, NY

Jason G
West Covina, CA

Yvonne L.
San Francisco, CA

Spencer A.
Mission Viejo, CA

Shirley L.
San Santa Cruz, CA

Evan M.
Santa Rosa, CA

Rebecca D.
Riverside, CA

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  1. Mike

    Sorry Josh, the photos are held on the participants’ photo sharing accounts. If there’s no link, it means that person took their photos offline!

  2. josh

    i wanna see photos from the winners! not the runners up!

  3. Delia Torres

    Looks YUMMI!! Hey, i have a mini-skateboard like that, too.

  4. pandabandit12

    hey! that’s me in the cardboard box!