SDCC Exclusive #2 – Holy Roller FatCap!

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SDCC - Deph x Kidrobot FatCapJuly 24th
Holy Roller FatCap 6-Inch
Signing with DEPH

DEPH’s FatCap wears a gas mask to protect his lungs and conceal his skull face while he destroys walls with his crate of spray paint and extension roller. Available in two colorways, green and the SDCC exclusive purple, this limited edition FatCap stands 6-inches tall, rattles when you shake him just like the real thing, and features DEPH’s tag on the back. Retails for $75 each and includes a DEPH poster.

Signings: Shake things up with DEPH at SDCC! He’ll be in Booth #4529 on Friday, July 24th from 11am-1pm with a limited number of Holy Roller FatCaps available for signing.

Artist: DEPH is a LA-based graffiti artist, illustrator and painter. He has created artwork for toys, cars, movies, video games, skateboards, print ads, and more. His work has been displayed in many galleries across the US. When he is not painting, he concentrates on his clothing company To Die For.

Availability & Production Run: The run of 1200 of the green FatCaps will be available at SDCC, Kidrobot stores at 11am local time on July 23, at 11am EST on July 23, and at select retailers (check for times and availability). The run of 200 purple FatCaps is an SDCC exclusive and only available at Kidrobot booth #4529.

25 Responses

  1. locotoy

    WOW!!! DEPH has done i9t again with this great FATCAP!!! These are awesome. Time to break the pigy bank!!!

  2. MKUltra

    I actually like the purple better. Maybe I can get a SDCC mule to pick it up for me, since most people seem to like the green better.

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  5. Fox808

    that’s a HAWT MESS!!!!……

    best of the BIG figures up to date……i want both!!!!

    need S3 ASAP as well KR!!!!……BRING IT!!!!

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  7. zenman2000

    wasn’t sure if i wanted this…but now i might need to come up with the money somehow. i’m diggin the purple one

  8. JimboJones' Girlfriend

    Why do you keeping making cool stuff….you’re making us broke!

  9. JimboJones

    Hot damn, Deph is amazing. Best Fatcap out there…

  10. V

    these are so inspiring for a on trend designer!

  11. nimsu

    Like green better also. The accessories look pretty cool.


    not to shabby guys… KR finally bringing some Heaterz!

  13. Brad

    Danny’s whining paid off!
    Now I home more people dont whine to get their way

  14. BRiZL

    These are way too cool! Either way (green or purp), it’s a winner!! Great job Deph!

  15. rimamir

    These are sick. Im going to really save up now.

  16. stilspinin

    These are dope. I think i like the green better too.

  17. JayJayFool

    i don’t think its going to be out any time soon. You saw how long it was until series 2.

  18. BergerBot

    The fatcap is dope! We need to see Fatcap Series 3 already!!!!!

  19. JayJayFool

    … i wanna see the face and back!! :( I think i’m diggin the green more then the purple. Hmmm

  20. JayJayFool

    NICE!!!!!! OH BOY OH BOY!! Hmmm should i get the dunny or the fatcap???!?!?!