SDCC Exclusive #1 – Fortune Dunny & Luck Dunny!

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SDCC Releases Revealed!

For the first time in over 3 years we are finally revealing our San Diego Comic-Con exclusive releases BEFORE the Con! So get your maps ready and make sure you’re at the Kidrobot booth early (#4529) as all these figures are sure to sell out, especially with all of the artists on hand to sign them!

Keep your eye on the KRonikle throughout the day today for more SDCC announcements! MR Shane Jessup x Kidrobot - SDCC Dunny Exclusive!

July 23rd
Fortune Dunny & Luck Dunny 8-Inch
Signing with MR. Shane Jessup

MR. Shane Jessup’s Dunny from Series 4 blew up to 8-inches, bringing twice the prosperity and happiness in two fortuitous styles! Fortune, in glorious gold, and Luck, in lustrous black, come with a red envelope and gold coin necklace, ensuring the tides of fate sway in your favor. Retailing for $75 each, good Fortune and Luck arrive on July 23.

Signings: Give, share, prosper with MR. Shane Jessup at SDCC in Booth #4529 on Thursday, July 23th from 11am-1pm. There will be a limited number of Fortune and Luck Dunnys available for signing.

Artist: MR. Shane Jessup is an artist/designer working and living in Brooklyn, NY and is the man responsible for Kidrobot’s best-selling “Things That Hurt” zipper pull series. MR. Shane Jessup’s work has been featured in publications such as Juxtapoz and Time Out New York. His work has been displayed in galleries such as 111 Minna (San Francisco), Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles), and White Walls (San Francisco).

Availability & Production Run: The run of 1000 Fortune Edition Dunnys will be available at SDCC, Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers at 11am local time on July 23, 11am EST online. The run of 200 Luck Edition Dunnys is an SDCC Exclusive, available only at Booth #4529.

28 Responses

  1. shellie

    Eeeep…Kind of expensive >.>
    I really want the gold one though o-o!! I might be able to swing my way to get oneeee :)

  2. Nicki

    the black one looks really nice. I like the gold one too, but i already have the three inch of the gold lucky cat. it’s my favorite!

  3. Marlon

    Thank God that it’s being sold on the website and in stores. I’m assed out of going to SDCC. =(

  4. locotoy

    the pearl black MR. Shane Jessup cat looks great!!!

  5. mANNEe

    I’m sure KR is still going to drop an OG pearly color way. It’ll probably be the biggest run they have of all three. So just sit back and give it time.

  6. just1nj

    a sexy dunny. one of the better ones produced.

  7. JayJayFool

    …. you can’t make everyone happy all the time! You make a run size to small n everyone crys b/c they can’t get one!
    you make a run size to big n everyone crys about it being to big n kidrobot does have limited runs anymore!

    You never know they may have the pearly white as a chase/variant in the gold run. Also hope to have a open eye variant with the black! That would be fun but more then likly will not happen.

  8. marti

    I just don’t understand why this has to be such a limited run. Everyone loves this design; would it be SO hard to make a few more?

  9. mANNEe

    . . . and I’m sure the pearly white will come along sometime in the future . . .

  10. mANNEe

    Can’t wait to get these in to my collection ;)

  11. Zim

    These are really nice, and the black one is really amazing.

  12. pocketwookie

    glad to see this finally make the jump to 8.” and the SDCC colorway is quite fantastic. everyone luck enough to be picking those up…feel my envy.

  13. CARE

    Kidrobot knows how to steal my money too well :D <3
    I love glossy things so the black is attractive but doesnt have the traditional lucky cat feel. Hopefully my comp wont lag and i’ll get one…

  14. Johnny

    WOW! the SDCC one is AWESOME…it’s #1 on my list now.

  15. Dan

    Absolutely beautiful – hopefully the final product has the gorgeous, highly reflective sheen like the image above. Bravo!

  16. angel

    It looks so good! I wish I could pick up the sdcc colorway, but I’ll be stoked to grab the gold one!

  17. JayJayFool

    Really? I’m diggin the black WAY MORE. Just something about the gold i don’t like. Maybe i just like the high gloss of the black but you never know the gold may have a high gloss too and i just don’t see it.

  18. stilspinin

    Not really feelin the black one as much as the gold.

  19. Amy

    so cute!!! who’s going to bring one back for me?! ^^;

  20. JayJayFool

    THERE THEY ARE!!!! ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Oh i getting the black one foe show!!! … maybe! :D

  21. Johnny T.

    i see.. over priced and sold out in minutes.

  22. shuzluva

    OMG, I may have to get a friend to get the SDCC colorway for me. Of course, will get the Fortune no matter what!