SDCC Exclusive #3 – Wood Labbit!

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Amanda Visell Wood Labbit

July 25th
Wood Labbit 5-Inch
Signing with Amanda Visell and Frank Kozik

Amanda Visell takes the iconic Labbit into wild territory with this SDCC Exclusive! This 5-inch woodland creature, the first Labbit designed by an artist other than creator Frank Kozik, roams the forest with an axe in place of his missing ear. After losing his ear to Kozeek, a deranged lumberjack, the Wood Labbit devises a quite appetizing plan for revenge. At only 300 made, the Wood Labbit is super rare and retails for $50.

Signings: Amanda Visell and Frank Kozik will be chopping it up at SDCC in Booth # 4529 on Saturday, July 25th from 1pm-3pm. There will be a limited number of Wood Labbits available for signing.

Artists: Amanda Visell lives in the Los Angeles area by choice. Her artwork has been seen in galleries and museums nationwide including an exhibition and exclusive merchandise line at Disneyland USA. Her portfolio includes original artwork along with toys, books, apparel, limited edition prints and sculptures. She is also working on perfecting her design for the ultimate home robot.

Pop art king Frank Kozik has designed concert posters and album covers for musicians including The Sex Pistols and Nirvana and has showcased his work internationally. Since 2000, his main artistic focus has been in the design and production of vinyl art toys like his iconic Labbit and other things that smork.

16 Responses

  1. 666ways2love

    Labbit=beyond amazing
    Only being sold saturday=sucks

    I signed up to go to SDCC thursday because I figured all the exclusive would be released opening day and going on that 1st day would give me the best chance of grabbing some up. But of course, one of the main reasons I’m going to the Con doesn’t happen till Saturday.

    Now I’ve got to pay 3x the price on Ebay because I have a life and can’t spend 4-5 days on vcation.

  2. Ronin415

    For those of you hoping to get one on Sunday, this will only be availbale on Saturday. Frank Kozik 2008 exclusive sold out on the first day! So if you want one, be sure to be there Saturday!

  3. { kattyface }

    wow! truly my favourite labbit to date. i was getting a bit tired of the kozik style. it is a shame i won’t be at SDCC!

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  5. ericericeric

    what a great combo a visell labbit… i love her stuff

  6. VirGogh

    We could do with a Woody Labby in Australia to join our brave and bold conservationists with their fight against the Tasmanian logging industry killing off the Tassy Devils! Woody to the rescue!

  7. JayJayFool

    It is pretty cute n super rad but i think i want the lucky cat more n daddy dont gots the cash flow for both!!

  8. pandabandit12

    i loooove this labbit! fingers crossed on nabbing one that sunday at the con!

  9. just1nj

    a very sexy labbit. not the best one produced, but top 5 produced.

  10. Cliefreak

    Thank god Amanda has given the labbit a new life! I am so sick and tired of seeing these creatures with a cigarette…

  11. BRiZL

    agh! I wish I was there! Amanda or Frank, can you hold one for me, please? Just mail it to me! :D

  12. J3Concepts

    This breathes some new life into the Labbit series. Great approach from Amanda. Hope to see more experimental work of this caliber.