Amanda Visell

Bad Badtz-Maru Now Available! Signing Tonight At KRLA

Tonight is the night for the release signing at Kidrobot Los Angeles for Amanda Visell’s new Kidrobot x Sanrio collaboration, Bad Badtz-Maru.

Bad Badtz Maru Signing With Amanda Visell At KRLA

Amanda Visell will be at KRLA on January 13 for the signing release of her new Sanrio X Kidrobot collaboration, Bad Badtz Maru.

Product Preview – Bad Badtz Maru

Playful penguin Badtz Maru gets a bold blue makeover from LA-retro artist Amanda Visell in this exclusive Kidrobot x Sanrio collaboration.

Amanda Visell NYCC Special Release & After Party

This Friday, Amanda Visell will be wearing her fancy pants for the release party of her new resin set, Big City Gods.

BED MONSTER By Amanda Visell and Itokin Park

This Saturday, September 11 is the release party for the new collaborative figure, BED MONSTER by Amanda Visell and Itokin Park.

Learn To Make Your Own Toys At The Switcheroo Institute Of Lower Learning

The Switcheroo Institute of Lower Learning is happy to present a mold making and resin casting workshop with Japanese artist, Itkonin Park.

KRLA Dunny Series 2010 Release Party Wrap Up

The release of Dunny Series 2010 exploded at Kidrobot Los Angeles last night with Esther Kim, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura.

Release Partee For What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt By Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell’s new self-produced vinyl monster, What-Did-I-Eat-Ephunt release partee tomorrow at Switcheroo!

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