munny-crayonThe KRonikle is the magazine of the Kidrobot community. It’s a place for discussions about toys, fashion, art, design, music, amazing web sites, fascinating videos and all the other things we love. But we can’t have the discussion by ourselves, so take this as your official invitation to join in the conversation. In fact, as a member of the community, you must participate.

Well, we can’t actually make you take part, but it’s the best way you can help us make it the best web magazine ever. Plus, we’ll be having contests from time to time the reward people who submit to the magazine to make it even more fun.

So, enjoy the KRonikle. Comment on posts. Tell friends about it. And most importantly, submit a story, or collection of photos, or an animation, or anything you can think of! Afterall, it’s your magazine too!

p.s. Your submissions don’t have to be about Kidrobot toys or events. At all.