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  1. padowajo

    Dear Bergerbot,

    Are you serious? That is a fine piece of work that she has made! Its a beautiful piece of art that should be respected and you should not be criticizing Amanda just because of what she paints. And besides, maybe she is, and maybe she isn't! Who cares!! Why would she like you anyways?? Amanda- thank you so much for this beautiful pice of artwork and I hope that "Bergerbot" doesn't discourage you!

    • Bergerbot

      oh wow i didn't realize how misconstrued my comment became
      i apologize for sounding intolerant, that was not my intention
      my poor attempt at wit backfired completely and has made me realize that such "jokes" aren't acceptable
      i'm not actually concerned with any of her life-style choices and they would not affect my appreciation of her art anyway
      thanks for voicing your opinion "padowajo"…without it I would have not known how ridiculous i could sound…and don't worry, I'm sure my comment or similar ones would not discourage Ms. Visell (you should have a little more faith in her…j/k ;-)

      p.s. Christopher Minarchi –I'm not sure if you were talking about me, but yea sorry too i guess…or sorry that your mom is jealous/envious of something that you like

  2. Christopher Minarchi

    all the moms on facebook are losing it over their children who shop @ KR over seeing two CARTOONS!!! christ mom! chill out. theyre just jealous. thank you amanda visell…


  3. Bergerbot

    Wait a tic…i hope that suggestive picture above doesnt have anything to do with Amanda’s own lifestyle choices (just saying that her being a lez kinda ruins my chances)