Candice Tripp puts a new spin on Haunted Houses!

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Fine artist Candice Tripp has brought an brilliant new twist to the Haunted House this Halloween season with her “Houses of Horror” series. As she puts it “Every time I do this sort of thing I know I’m taking another step away from the paintings I like and want to work on, but screw it; it’s horror month. I have until October 31st to revel in The Houses”.

Being a fan of the horror genre, painting classic houses of horror is easy for Candice. Since it is second nature to her, she painted amazing renditions of these spooky dwellings that have haunted our dreams for years. So many classic films represented, and our personal favorite is the Overlook from The Shinning above.  What started out as fun and became a huge hit with her fans, she is offering them up for sale starting Midday Oct 31st – midnight Nov 2nd, GMT. Check out her site for more.


Nightmare on Elm Street

The Orphanage

A Tale of Two Sisters