Custom Spotlight: Alice by Laura Colors

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Introducing the beautiful “Alice” by Laura Colors!
What is this piece? 
This piece is titled “Alice.” It’s painted on a 20” Mega Dunny which was beautifully altered into a production piece entitled “Reyna” by Otto Bjornik.
What was your inspiration for this piece?

Ha ha… that’s pretty obvious. I LOVE the original Alice in Wonderland and that was my inspiration.


What is your favorite design element of this piece?

Hmmm… I love painting on anything, but Mega’s are super fun because there is so much space to fill. I feel like I can tell a story Illustratively on a Mega. This one was unique because of it’s crown, collar, cape and it has no arms. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the quilting on the cape. I had considered sculpting over it to make it a flat surface. In the end however, I came up with the idea to do red and black checkerboard which was simple, and a nice contrast to everything else that I have going on (imo).

What was the most difficult aspect of creating this piece?

Probably stripping and priming it. I’m always anxious to get started painting and it’s hard to be patient enough to do those things correctly.

Please tell us a few sentences about yourself. 

I’m inspired by fairytales, classic animation, nature and the woods surrounding my studio, my work is a result of many hours spent creating characters, sculpts, vinyl figures and fantasy worlds.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I work all the time because it’s fun and that’s a fact.
About Laura Colors
Laura Colors is the work of surrealist painter Laura Parsons. She is also a partner in the artist collective 64 Colors. Laura’s paintings and vinyl figures are in many private collections and her work has been shown in galleries all over the world. Follow Laura on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.