Fan Friday: MyLifeinPlastic

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So many classics

Sometimes you see a collection and are instantly tossed back into a nostalgia filled dream with old friends, memories, turmoil, and passion. This is the case when looking at this week’s Fan Friday collection of MyLifeinPlastic!

We are instantly transported back to seeing old friends that are now classics in this game of vinyl. New faces, old faces, and some we forgot about all make this worth it. We even see Peecols!!!! Ok so sit back and get that drool cup ready for MyLifeinPlastic’s collection (and amazing display).

Chueh Dusting is no fun Holy It is ok dont cry Just peecol man mmm labbit Need more TMNT SHEESH VERY nice Well done Wow 1 WOW

If you want to be part of Fan Friday just email us at with images!