Getting to Know the Kidrobot Crew – Julia Simons

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That… Julia Simons… is a piece of ace. This girl is always on point… please read below for more information on Julia “bestofthebest” Simons.

  1. Name: Julia Simons
  2. Job Description: Lead Toy Development Specialist. In short I work with our artists, licensors, and factories to develop our products. Most of my work consists of coordinating the approval of sculpts, prototypes, and final samples and then communicating all comments back to the factories prior to mass production.
  3. How long have you worked for KR?: 3 years
  1. One thing on your bucket list (give a why). You know that raclette cheese thing where they melt a whole wheel of cheese and then scrape it on to some bread or potatoes?  That.  I want to try is because cheese is my first love.
  1. One of your favorite KR products or the first one you owned? Tough question but I would say my favorite is the 3” Arlequine Dunny by Koralie.
  1. Roses are red, violets are blue…….. Corgis. 
  1. What about Kidrobot or art culture is your favorite? What I like about Kidrobot is that it always seems to take a step out of the norm. There are many ways to incorporate design into your life, but Kidrobot has a way of doing so that really makes you think.

Julia Simons

There is a time and a place for everything and most people are not gifted with knowing when and when not to say something..except this girl. She also happens to be that person who just when you think you know what she is going to say, you’re wrong and it’s so much better than what you thought. This lady is calculated, intelligent, down to earth and knows exactly what to do/say/wear/go. Kidrobot can always count on her for pretty much anything, especially if you’re looking for someone to respond to the movie quote you just threw into the situation or laugh at your jokes (if they are worthy of such a response.)

Julia, you’re the most strategic thing since the Spanish Armada and Kidrobot is super lucky to have you around….corgis.