Jason Freeny 8-Inch Visible Dunny Now Available!

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Dunnys have long been a platform for creativity and excitement, especially for Kidrbot. Kidrobot x Jason Freeny finally collaborated to create a Dunny no one has ever seen and here to tell you a little bit more about it is Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking!

  Kidrobot is finally answering that one question that’s been on everyone’s minds for so long:  What’s the inside of a Dunny look like?  Granted there are other questions you may have prioritized before that one like “why are we here?” or “where did I leave my pants?” but it was definitely in your top 10.  Wonder no longer as famed toy anatomist Jason Freeny has done the icky work of dissecting one of these mysterious creatures so we can all know what secrets they posses.  So put away the scalpel, reseal those bottle of formaldehyde, and don’t worry about getting grossed out by your 7th grade science teacher just sticking her bare hand inside the frog you were working on because she didn’t appreciate you taking your time to properly investigate the wonder of nature on your desk while wearing the latex gloves you made your mom bring home from her job.  My bad for not wanting to smell like amphibian autopsy right before lunch.  

    Just look at that bone structure, no wonder these things are so cute.  And there’s all the organs that process their tiny  Dunny meals into tiny  Dunny energy and then rid their bodies of tiny  Dunny waste.  This model is nothing short of fascinating and you could welcome this unparalleled tool of learning into your home to both astound, fascinate, and enlighten the entire family.  Standing at eight inches tall and crystal clear so not a single secret is hidden, this collectible and educational model is available right now at www.kidrobot.com.  And don’t worry, it had donated it’s body to science and no actual living Dunny was harmed. 

Visible Dunny 8-Inch

8-Inch Visible Dunny