Juxtapoz Celebrates 18 Years With Group Show At Copro Gallery

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Juxtapoz turns the legal age of 18 this weekend, and to celebrate, they are throwing a birthday exhibition at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. In honor of being one of the standout magazines for the art we love, they have invited many great artists to the show including Mark Ryden, Todd  Schorr, Neckface, Shepard Fairey, Candice Tripp, Kathy Schorr, Skinner, Dennis McNett, Niagara, and many many more. Plus musical guests Radioactive Chickenheads and food provided by Don Chow and Grill Em All. This event is not to be missed. The show opens at 8pm on Saturday, March 24 at Copro Gallery, Santa Monica and runs through April 14.. I hope they remember to have cake and blow out the candles!