Kidrobot Throwback Thursday! Buck Wethers By Amanda Visell

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This Throwback Thursday goes to the Amanda Visell Buck Weathers that we released and caught the attention of all the Visell followers and then some with the adorable outfits and his own straw to fit in his mouth… a little more on this weeks TBT we will hand it over to our favorite, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.
Farmers have a hard job, which makes me really appreciate this Buck Wethers Dunny from Kidrobot and Amanda Visell even more.  I’ve been trying my hand at gardening and I’ve had moderate success at best.  My tomato and banana peppers did well, but my bell peppers ended up mushier than a teen vampire movie.  The ants seemed to enjoy them though, so all was not lost.  I did slightly better with flowers, due mostly to the fact that my wife believes in a research method better than my “let’s just see what happens” ideology.  She’s out there cutting dead flowers off to force others to grow, making our butterfly bush the neighborhood equivalent of the hydra.  Seriously, if I had a Golden Fleece, you would not make it past this sucker to even look at it.
    Ol Buck here is a goat with a green thumb, or more accurately green hoof. When I was a kid I went to a petting zoo (what, you didn’t think I had a goat story?  Please, I have MANY goat stories) and found this goat who was way interested in my can of soda.  I hugged him around the neck, made sure the logo from the can was clearly visible, and posed for the best picture I’ve ever taken in my life.  How that didn’t end up as a print ad I’ll never know, but I still check the porch from time to time to see if my sponsorship freebies finally showed up.
   Bring a bit of rural living into your home today by picking this Dunny up at **Thanks for reading our blog, use the discount code BUCK579 and get 20% off your purchase of this weeks TBT.***