Kidrobot x Adult Swim Mini Series: Da Nu Nu Naaaahhh… Bitch Puddin!

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In a sweet little land where characters collect to bake sugar cookies and swap sweet stories under the sun of Pastry Ville, our character of choice stomps around lending solid advice to all her village friends. We see a lot of who we in are in the sweet and savory character of Bitch Puddin. Her gentle golden locks and pure honesty are something we appreciate and find quite endearing in an age where everyone has become thorough in the art of kissing ass. SO THIS FRIDAY, April 28th, we are happy to say that the lovely, Bitch Puddin’ is one of the many characters releasing in the Kidrobot x Adult Swim Mini Series at 10am MST on

Thats right, get her before she runs off and insults someone else’s collection. NOW HIT THAT F**KING THEME SONG. BLAM.


Speaking of first appearances.. here is one of our personal favorites of Bitch Puddin’ where we first fell in love with her irresistible charm.