Kidrobot x The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Mini Series!

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 Its a little spooky how great this mini series is. Clearly its a favorite of Kidrobots to bring it back but it might also be one of Chris Holt’s aka The Toy Viking’s… read and find out!
We took a poll and the majority of folks in the Kidrobot office are beyond ready for the fall.  Some are just excited for the cooler weather, while others are desperate to restock their kitchens with all things pumpkin flavored (last year’s rations are dangerously low).  But the overwhelming majority are excited for Halloween!  You get to dress up as strange characters without being questioned by the police, eat candy until your teeth ache, and the decorations your forgot to take down last year are suddenly relevant again.  And to top it all off The Simpsons will air their special Treehouse of Horror episode!
   You don’t have to wait until Halloween to fill your life with Simpsons characters in spooky get up, as this mini series is available right now.  Featuring twelve different figures inspired by those classic episodes, this blind box release is chock full of the perfect companions to add a bit of eerie to your life.  Grab a bunch now at to make the wait until Halloween a little bit easier.