Kidrobot x Yummy World Nicole The Ramen Bowl Online Now!

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We are stirring things up with the new plush collection of Yummy World including the Pastry, the Fiery Cheesy Puffs and the Ramen Bowl. YUM! Here to say a little something extra about the newest release of the Yummy World Plush Ramen Bowl is our great friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking. 

This is not the ramen that got you through dorm life at college. This Yummy World plush from Kidrobot is the elevated dish of celebrity chefs and television cooking shows that you can almost smell as your watching them. Though at 12 inches, you would need a little help with all those noodles if this were real. Thankfully Nicole (that’s her proper name) is more interested in providing a plush conversation piece than attempting to feed you for the next month. She comes with a ton of fun extras and is available now at