Kidrobot x Yummy World Vegan Leather Backpacks Online Now!

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Too cute for a Tuesday! Here is another blog by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking!

Let’s say Kidrobot were to make some cute little back packs featuring Yummy World characters and of course you had to have them (they did and you do). But what would you put in them? It could be anything of course, but adorable back packs like this call for something extra special to fill their insides, so allow me to present to you what I would fill mine with as inspired by the magic of television:

     I like tv. I like tv more than it is probably recommended for me to like tv. And every once in a while it smacks me with inspiration and this us one of those times. I can’t remember what show it was I happened to be watching, but there was a bubbly young woman who was thrilled about the fact that her dress featured pockets. She was beside herself as she showed everyone she knew the hidden features of her garment. Inevitably one of her friends asked why it was such a big deal and she proceeded to tell them that they “are for snacks, of course.”
    The answer is that these are are the perfect vessel for all of your snacking needs. Whether you decide to be stylish with a donut or ice cream character, each one it just waiting to be filled with the goodness that will get you through your day. Or you could put something boring inside like your I.D., but has that ever bailed you out when you got a case of the hangries? I didn’t think so. Both of these beyond cute designs are available right now at
Kidrobot x Yummy World Sandy ice cream sandwich backpack front
Kidrobot x Yummy World Sandy ice cream sandwich backpack
Kdrobot x Yummy World Yummy Donut backpack - back