Kidrobots Throwback Thursday: Alien Phunny Plush

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This weeks Throwback Thursday we recognize that there are those who love scary movies and those who don’t but let’s also remember how Kidrobot managed to make those two different people finally agree on something….The Alien Phunny Plush. Our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking explains this better… give it a read.

    Kidrobot usually has my back whenever I need to win an argument with my wife, but these Alien Phunny plush have landed them firmly on her side.  Allow me to explain:  My wife and I decided that over the course of two nights we were going to watch all of the Alien movies in order.  Everything was going well until the first one popped out of a chest and her response was “ooooh, look at the baby.”  This thing literally pushed his way through a man’s rib cage, is covered in his blood, and her response was the same as if it were a duckling racing across the lawn.  I was a bit taken aback knowing her utter disgust for parasites that are native to Earth and her sudden love for a murderous space pickle.  Then she whips out her phone, went to, and pulled these up.  “See, Kidrobot says they’re adorable, so what now?”  I had nothing.  I was proven wrong with evidence that would have held up in any court of law.
   They are pretty cute aren’t they?  It does help that they aren’t covered in slime or trying to lay eggs in everyone you know.  Available in all three stages of an Alien’s life cycle, these eight inch plush come as face huggers, chest bursters, and fully grown nightmare cuties ready to be sucked into space to save what’s left of your crew.  Add them to your collection today and purchase online at