Frank Kozik’s Labbit the Barbarian Screen Print Now Available!

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Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking, is back for another blog! This time he discusses Frank Kozik’s Labbit the Barbarian Screen Print!

Labbit the Barbarian Screen Print

Kidrobot knows you cant go decorating your mead hall with those inspirational posters with quotes like “Soar to your potential” underneath a photo of fighter jets. Or artwork that they hang in dentists offices that is supposed to take your mind off of that impending root canal. No, you need art from Frank Kozik’s epic collaboration with Frank Frazetta! This Labbit the Barbarian print will keep your loved ones company while you’re out raiding… or if you don’t do that sort of thing it will still look pretty baller next to your flat screen. These are now available only at In the meantime, go ahead and prepare a spot worthy of such awesomeness.