Kidrobot x Frazetta Labbit The Barbarian

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Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking, is back for another blog! This time he discusses everyone’s favorite Barbarian, Conan!


As Crom gazes down from his mountain and casts judgment on your toy collection, will he look upon it with disgust, or will he be pleased by all that you have gathered?  Ha, Crom is never pleased!  But if he were to find such a feeling within himself, it would be inspired by this collaboration between Frank Frazetta and Frank Kozik.  The former’s classic imagery of Conan the Barbarian has merged through sorcery with the latter’s Labbit creation and the result is destined to be the focal point of your mead hall.  You’ve got to have something to bring the whole room together from a design aspect and nothing at IKEA is gonna cut it.


Flanked by a beautiful bikini-clad Dunny and standing atop a pile of the vanquished, this Labbit is ten inches of steel wielding son-of-a-gun that’s ready to elevate the manliness level of your collection (levels of manliness may vary).  Do you have the intestinal fortitude, and a shelf space of honor, to welcome this great warrior into your home?  Of course the answer is “yes” and you can do so now at!