Liam Neill’s Lavish Collection Of Custom Dunnys

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London art toy collector, Liam Neil aka Lfarnc is notorious on Kidrobot’s Forums for his extraordinary custom Dunny collection. We recently spotted a very informative interview on, where Liam divulged the tricks to the trade of commissioning and purchasing custom Dunnys. Over the last 2 years Liam has acquired original pieces by tons of talented artists including but not limited to Sket One, Angry Woebots, Southern Drawl, Grim Sheep, Fuller Designs, Red Mutuca Studios, Bryan Collins aka Color Chemist, Red Mutuca Studios including Igor Ventura, Sergio Mancini, Mutucha, RunDMB & Luihz Unreal, JonPaul Kaiser, Ryan the wheelbarrow, Cris Rose, Nerviswr3k, Squink, Crestone, Art My Mind, Clark Rotharmel, Dril One, Fas One, Zam Art, Ardubus Rubber, Nikejerk, Pause Designs, Vinylassassin, Another Waver, Diakka, Stuart Witter, Chauskoskis, Cool Vader, AW177 and Duncan Cantrell. Wow that’s a lot of customs!

Get the full scope of this hardcore collector’s vinyl addiction and read the awesome interview on OppLOL.