The Litton Spring Plush Now Available Online!

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Spring is on the way! We don’t care if that means it’s hours, days, or months away…we also don’t let a groundhog tell us when we can start shopping for short sleeve shirts! We, Kidrobot, remain positive for the idea of warm weather and life kinda, restarting itself. The new Litton Spring Plush on are the cutest reminder of spring, love and Littons and here to tell you a little more is our favorite, Chris Holt, aka the Toy Viking!

 There is an established hierarchy as it relates to baby animals, but Kidrobot is throwing a wrench into the whole system.  The top cutest thing involving baby animals would be little ducklings running behind their mother.  Seriously, my heart weeps just thinking about it.  Next would be kittens wanting their bellies scratched, and in third place would be baby goats bouncing around on the lawn.  I was totally content with all those but then Littons went ahead and learned about cosplay and now the cute world as we know it has been turned on its head.  

    Littons are of course the young version of Labbits and were already the most adorable fictional characters in the entire world.  But now they have wittle costumes on their wittle bodies and you just wanna hug em on a rainbow covered in sprinkles and that plastic Easter grass that never seems to leave your house even when you’re positive you threw it all out.  Each Litton comes dressed as either a cow, sheep, pig, duck, ladybug, or even a bunny, which is kinda like dressing up as yourself for Halloween but getting away with it because again, CUTE!!!! They are sold separately but let’s be realistic here, you need them all to maximize your cuddle time to its full potential.  


    These costumed bundles of sweetness are available right now on