Make Your Own MUNNYWORLD Paper Snowflakes

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Get crafty for the holidays and decorate your home Kidrobot style with a fun and simple do-it-yourself tutorial on how to craft your very own MUNNYWORLD snowflakes. Download the DIY templates now for MUNNYFOOMITRIKKY, BUB and Dunny! For all you youngsters out there be sure to get parental permission and/or supervision before you get to cutting.

Happy Stupid Holidays!

1. Print out the DIY MUNNYWORLD templates and grab some nice scissors and clear tape.

2. Fold the paper in half length wise.

3. Very carefully cut out along the line. Watch your fingers!

4. As you can see you dont have to be perfect in cutting around the outline.

5. Start folding the appendages in first.

6. Continue folding until you can reasonable fold no more.

7. Now cut out as many slices, notches, circles or squares as you desire. Be careful not to cut too far or you may end up with an armless snowflake.

8. Now be gentle unfolding your creation. It helps to keep the snowflake flat by folding the creases in the opposite direction.

9. Voila!  Your MUNNY snowflake is now ready to hang with a little piece of clear tape. Repeat as necessary.


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