MUNNY Monday: DCON edition!

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Everyone is burning the midnight oil and scrambling before the beloved Designer Con starts this Saturday in Pasadena, CA, so we thought it would be fun to do a DCON edition of MUNNY Monday This week, we will showcase some MUNNY and MUNNY WORLD designs by artists you might see at the convention. You might even see some of these designs there too! With MUNNY being such a diverse platform, no wonder it is a fan favorite by artists.
p first, a family of the macabre by Tasha Zimich. We love the edition of the hook and what you did with the ears here. The colors also pop!

Davemarkart DCOn Mastercrab
Master Crab by Davemarkart has taken the addition of sculpting on a MUNNY to the next level! This crab is intense! Can’t wait to see it in person this weekend!

5k1nna lost in space
5K1nna takes us on a wonderful journey where we get Lost in Space. Here the MUNNY is truly the canvas for exquisite painting.

Hopefully we return next week if we aren’t exhausted after DCON for another edition of MUNNY MONDAY!