Munny Monday: Halloween style!

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Ok, we had to do a Halloween edition of Munny Monday! It is one of the best times of the year! Now we know many live Halloween 365 days a year but as the beloved holiday draws closer, everyone gets a pass from pumpkin spice deodorant to hearing “Thriller” at Target on repeat!

So with all that, we dive into Munny Monday with a theme of pumpkins, spooks, ghost, goblins, and so forth with a Dunny tossed in!

rigor mortis by sencustom
Sencustom gives us a Rigor Mortis. The detail with sculpting and accompanying attributes really make this hellbound hellion stand out!

daniel aparicio pumpkin prankster
For a 180, Daniel Aparicio has these lovable cute Pumpkin Pranksters about to do more tricking that treating on Saturday!


Back to the fiends! Davidthekiller brings us a very heinous slasher. He does remind us of someone.

What would Halloween be without a bit of Nightmare before Christmas. Matcandraw really hit the detail square in the candycorn with this spot on version of ol Jack!

Now a Dunny gets center stage from Jumpjumperant with the White Nun from American Horror Story! That face!!!!

More Halloween flavored posts all week and more Munny next Monday! Don’t be afraid.