NEW 5-inch Red Chroma Dunny Available NOW!

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Hey Hey Hey! Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking is back for another blog and this time he explains how the new 5 Inch Red Chroma Dunny is perfect for EVERY season!

  Let Kidrobot unleash your inner magpie and compel you with the shininess that is this Chroma  Dunny.  It’s five inches of glittery plastic fury that will not only fit right in with your holiday decorations, but will add some much needed sparkle to your collection on a year round basis.  Now I know you may be concerned about having to explain to your significant other why you are covered in glitter, but fear not, because it is infused directly into the figure itself through the use of ancient elvish spells.  So it won’t be like that time you tried to make everyone their Christmas gifts and you ended up looking like a backup dancer for Lady Gaga.  

    Standing at five inches tall, this is the first of a rainbow of colors that are to come and you already know you want them all.  It’s my job to know these things.  Start your new obsession December 9th on  Red Chroma Dunny