No Echo, No Shadow, Anton Ginzburg Interview

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Alexandra Lerman of ScribeMedia Art Culture sat down with Totem Doppelganger artist, Anton Ginzburg, to discuss myths, the USSR and his solo exhibition, No Echo, No Shadow during the 3rd Moscow Bienniale.

From the story at ScribeMedia Art Culture

One of the exhibitions during the 3rd Moscow Bienniale was No Echo, No Shadow, Anton Ginzburg’s solo show at Galerie Iragui. After the show opened I sat down with Anton to talk about the exhibition and his impressions of this year’s Biennale.

Alexandra Lerman: What is the driving idea behind your show?

Anton Ginzburg: No Echo, No Shadow explores the concept of alternative history as defined through the prism of personal memories and revisions of the past.  My focus is the end of the 80’s in the USSR, the period of Perestroika, which coincided with my teenage years in Leningrad prior to my immigration to the United States.

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