Paul Chiappe’s Tiny Pencil Drawings Look Like Vintage Photographs

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Bigger is not always better. Case in point — Paul Chiappe’s miniature graphite drawings that look just like vintage photographs. The super skilled Scottish artist recreates aged black and white photos incredibly realistic and ridiculously tiny, some are merely 2 x 4 cm. His life long attention to detail borderlines on obsession and each piece will make you think twice about what you are looking at. You can see more of his work on his website or you can see in person at TATE Modern’s Slow Looking: contemporary drawing, open through September.

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  1. 【Art】Paul Chiappe’s Extremely Small Drawings of Vintage Photographs « dot dot dob tob tob

    […] Crazy small drawings from Edinburgh-based artist Paul Chiappe. Recreating graphite versions of early 20th century photography, the artist meticulously produces his works within tiny confines. Many of his drawings fall below the 4×4 cm. mark. Looking at the sad faces of our forebears given life by Chiappe’s drawings, you get the sense that they might easily have been forgotten by the world. His efforts celebrate those we’ve lost in a really unique way. Check out more below. (via) […]