Product Preview – Bent World Spray Can Mini Series

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Renegade spray paint cans are primed to bomb the streets with this new blind box mini series from mastermind artist MAD. Inspired by his sold-out 2007 Bent World Vandals Series, Spray Cans are here with a total of 16 designs ready to make their mark on society. Each character is “Bent” with an angled posture and equally crooked personality. Each can comes in two versions – a “new,” fresh from the hardware store, and a “used,” dripping with paint and well-placed tags from MAD and some of his favorite artists, including kaNO, Marka27, Jesse Hernandez, Scribe, Pon, Brunson and Sket One.  Each 2-inch figure features a removable cap, articulating arms, and makes the telltale metallic rattle noise when shaken. Bent World Spray Cans drop November 3 for just $7.95/blind-box (£6.50 UK; 7.50€ Europe), and is sure to leave a lasting impression on collectors, artists and VANDALS.

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