Product Preview – YUMMY Plush 2012

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The YUMMY collection is getting  juicier, sweeter and more satisfying than ever before starting March 8.

Whatever you crave, YUMMY is on the menu. Lemon and lime wedges, blue and yellow frosted donuts, black and white cookies and blueberry pie debut on the food pyramid to round out the diet of pizza, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and pancakes. With signature googley eyes and dashed smile, YUMMY watches and waits to surprise and delight as many people as possible.

YUMMY Donut Blue & Yellow Plush

Satisfy your sweet tooth.
Inspired by Heidi Kenney’s Yummy Breakfast keychain series, this frosty blue glazed donut and luscious lemon donut are 12-inches and so good, you’ll want to scarf down a dozen. Freshly frosted March 8, YUMMY Donut Blue and Yellow both retail for $24.95USD each at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

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YUMMY Black & White Cookie Plush

What’s black, white and delicious all over?

Mouth watering and completely inedible, Kidrobot and YUMMY Queen Heidi Kenney present the Black and White Cookie Plush – the classic NYC fav. So snuggly and soft, it is perfect for any décor and a great gift for Grandma. Featuring watching eyes and crooked smile, this plush really is the best of both worlds. Fresh from the oven March 8, YUMMY Black and White Cookie retails for $24.95USD at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

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YUMMY Blueberry Pie Plush

Face in your pie! YUMMY creator Heidi Kenney and Kidrobot bring a classic to life with this 12-inch cushy plush. Featuring watchful eyes, a sweet smile, and embroidered details, the YUMMY Blueberry Pie Plush is as American as made in China. Super sweet and non-edible, it is a happy addition to the YUMMY menu. Ready to serve March 8, YUMMY Blueberry Pie retails for $24.95USD at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

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YUMMY Lemon and Lime Plush

Pucker up! Tangy goodness is here with the fruitiest YUMMY plush yet. The squeezably soft 12-inch wedge shaped Lemon and Lime Plush features artist Heidi Kenney’s signature watching eyes, crooked smile, and embroidered details that make this sour sucker come to life. Ripe and ready March 8, YUMMY Lemon and Lime both retail for $24.95USD each at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers.

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