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MUNNYWORLD Multicolor winner

After seeing an amazing spectrum of MUNNYWORLD designs, we randomly chose a custom to represent each color of the MUNNY Multicolor Edition rainbow.

[nggallery id=131]

We’re sending the winners a MUNNYWORLD Prize Pack complete with a MUNNYWORLD toy, a MUNNYWORLD Multicolor and 2 MUNNYWORLD Zipper Pulls.

Congrats to the following artists as represented by their Flickr handle:
Purple – Digital Skraps
Pink – pnoy_mix
Red – z d e n e k
Orange – He’s Here All Week
Yellow – anvikit
Green – Matt A *
Teal – Elena/Kiten
Blue – unclestudio

See these and loads of other amazing pieces in the MUNNYWORLD Flickr Pool where you can upload your designs for weekly MUNNYWORLD prizes.

Sparking any inspiration? Get your hands on your own MUNNYWORLD to make something incredible in any color!

(see your design above? be sure to check your Flickr Mail for details on how to claim your prize!)

20 Responses

  1. Anvikit

    :) Congrats to all! (albeit a tad late) What a pretty rainbow of munnys! Mine is the Yellow! Tiger tiger ROAR all!

  2. Matt A. *

    apologies for two post,,,it cut me off before i got out what i wanted to say

  3. Matt A. *

    Congrats to all the winners….Although i had no idea I was entered in a contest hah…I kinda wish something would have been mentioned more about these….considering Poof the not so magic dragon took some work…and Id like people to know its actually a functional piece…It actually puffs smoke out the nose…all in all…congrats to all that won….and to those that didnt…they hold contest just about every week for something…sooner or later everyone is bound to win something haha

    Matt A*

  4. Matt A. *

    Congrats to all…I was surprised to see my dragon won this….considering it wasnt supposed to but atleast a time consuming project got some kinda recognition….just wish it coulda pointed out the fact that this thing is actually a functional raffy that puffs smoke…lol…cuz I put alot of effort into that……all in all…congrats peeps

  5. pnoy_mix

    congrats to everyone again…and im still a little shocked as well that i won something….truly wasnt expecting this…

  6. He's Here All Week

    Sweet, the orange one is mine.
    I'm on the same page as Sparks… First time I've won anything like this…. Amazing.

    Congratulations everyone else too. Awesome work.

    • Vicente Silva

      Hey Congrats He's Here All Week! I Really liked the simplicity of your mummy. It's Fresh. You come up with something new. Great Job.

  7. Rant

    I gues all you had to do was drill holes in the plastic… shoulda gone simpler…

    • Beez

      agree, this was disappointing to read when they posted the 'winners'

      "we RANDOMLY chose a custom to represent each color "

    • Rant Hater

      EAT IT Rant. the contest wasn't a "who can spend more time" its "who can do something cool". and he didn't declare himself winner!

  8. Connor Gewirtz

    Wait, what if one wasn't for the contest but it got chosen?


    YAY! vulpix made it lol…..Congrats to everyone who won!

  10. David Sparks

    yaaaaaay this is the first time i've ever won a contest. no kidding. i've literally never won a giveaway or random drawing or entry thing ever. so pumped hah.

    mines the purple one.

    aka Digital Skraps