Secrets Walls Wage Art War At SXSW

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The art battle rages this week at SXSW as Chevrolet & Monorex present Secret Walls (formerly Secret Wars). For 3-days and 2 nights, 8 international artists will creatively duke-it-out for 90 minutes at a time in the Chevy Sound Garage this Wednesday, 2pm & 4pm; Thursday, 3pm & 8pm with tunes by DJ Reeps One, and Saturday, 8pm. They will wage a drawing war “bracket-style” on two 8 x 8-foot white canvases with the weapons of choice, black markers and paint. The creative contenders include Smug (Glasgow), Alfa (London), Jon Burgerman (NYC), Bridge Stehli (London), Lamour Supreme (NYC), Dan Leo (Vancouver), Fel3000ft. (Detroit), and Kev Bee (Southgate).

Find out what drives all these talented artists in these awesome interviews thanks to London culture curator, itdrewitself.