“Smiling Since 1999” Solo Exhibition By PEZ At Tony’s Gallery In London

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Spreading good cheer with graffiti, FatCap Series 3 artist PEZ will be opening his new solo exhibition, “Smiling Since 1999” at Tony’s Gallery in London. Presented by MTN Colors, this will be the Barcelona based street artist’s first solo exhibition in the UK and will feature an in-situ mural of PEZ’s iconic fish jumping in from the street walls onto the canvases and gallery walls, along with a selection of new mixed media canvases and screen-printed works. The opening reception is this Friday, April 6 and will be on view through May 6. Enjoy the exclusive preview of PEZ’s freshest work below.

“Dancing with Color 1”

“Dancing with color 2”

“Dancing with color 3”

“Vamos que nos vamos”

“Smiling since 1999”