The Kidrobot x Horrible Adorables 5-Inch Dunnylope Online Now!

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The Horrible Adorables are back again with even more cute! This past Friday Kidrobot x The Horrible Adorable’s launched the 5″ Dunnylope in both the Kidrobot exclusive color and the retail color. Here to say a little something else about this is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

The part of your brain that loses control whenever a puppy is near is about to go completely ham when it sees this new Dunny from Horrible Adorables and Kidrobot.  If you’re in public right now be prepared to have security escort you out when you are unable to contain your feelings about this 5 inch Dunnylope.

The Dunnylope is a mashup of your favorite vinyl figure and the king of pieced together taxidermy, the jackalope.  Of all the mythological creatures out there, the jackalope certainly gets the least amount of respect.  It’s been pigeonholed as decorum for dive bars or funny conversation pieces in the waiting room of tattoo parlors.  You don’t see anyone trying to stuff a centaur and use it to brighten up a room, do ya?  Nope, our friend the jackalope’s only shining moment has been as a gag on an American home video show in the ’90’s that was the precursor to today’s internet fail clips.  Yes, I vaguely remember a time before the internet and it was equally as frightening as you imagine it was.

Just as the way we view people falling and hurting themselves has evolved, so has our little friend.  He’s exchanged his antlers for curly metallic horns and features the signature scaled motif Horrible Adorables is famous for.  Available in both the standard edition and the super limited Kidrobot exclusive pink (only 200 exist in the whole world), they can be captured right now at

Kidrobot x The Horrible Adorable's 5" Dunnylope
Kidrobot x The Horrible Adorables Dunnylope
Kidrobot x The Horrible Adorables 5" Dunnylope
  I took mine on an adventure to meet his handmade cousins during a Horrible Adorables solo show in Philadelphia.  Check out the pictures and start plotting your own excursions.