Throwback Thursday: Frank Kozik’s Baby Huey

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PAY ATTENTION: This Throwback Thursday miiiiight mean something. We are throwing it back to 2016 when Kidrobot released the Frank Kozik Baby Huey Doll in pink and blue (duh.) Dont remember? Chris Holt… aka The Toy viking….is here to say a little something about it.

I remember the first time I saw this Baby Huey figure from Frank Kozik and Kidrobot and I had the best idea for a movie.  Here’s the premise:  The fellow that this toy is based on gets word that it’s debuting at comic con and aims to stop it from happening.  He sends his most elite military unit to infiltrate the convention center and take over.  They have the building secured, hostages are taken, but they never take into account a group of cosplayers going rogue. Stuff happens, awkward nerd boy falls in love with improbably beautiful fellow nerd girl, and a group of fans in costume defeat the best of the best that the unnamed country has to offer.  You can not convince me that wouldn’t be awesome.  Let’s get this to Hollywood ASAP.

   Just like film studios won’t want to miss out on my blockbuster, you won’t want to miss out on adding rocket baby to your toy shelf.  You’ll be able to trick everyone you know into thinking you’re way more knowledgeable about current events than you really are.  Or if you are actually up on the goings on of our world you have an easy jumping off point with which to regale them with your vast insight.  People love that sort of thing.
    Aren’t dictators just the cutest when they’re little?  Bring a little psycho into your life today at