Throwback Thursday: The Horrible Adorables!

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    Thursday’s dont get enough credit…. we gave Wednesday hump day and made meme after meme but Thursdays, dare I say are even better. Here we are with another Throwback Thursday blog by our good friend Chris Holt aka The If I were to pick a world to live in solely on the work of an artist I would have to choose Horrible Adorables.  Based on their creations I feel that taxes would be low, no one would ever go hungry, and it would be filled with their critters everywhere you went so people would always be happy.  And they would all let you pet them unlike the wild animals we have now who seem to have no appreciation for just how awesome a behind the ear scritch can be.  If I were a coyote out doing coyote stuff all day I’d be pretty thrilled if a nice man such as myself wanted to pet my head and let me watch his tv while feeding me pizza rolls.  I certainly wouldn’t have tried chewing his foot off and forcing him to undergo painful and embarrassingly placed rabies shots.  I still have to sleep on my side.
    Nope, the creatures that Horrible Adorables creates are way more chill about hanging out with you at your house, so much so in fact that these vinyl versions are actually eager to come over and make your home their permanent dwelling.  You can adopt these vinyl versions from Kidrobot just by visiting  Plus, they’ll never put you in a position where “how to get rid of coyote smell from my carpet” is a part of your internet search history.