Tim Biskup Rocks Mastadon’s New Video

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Rock out to Mastadon‘s new mind-warping nightmare of a video directed by low brow bad ass Tim Biskup. “Bone Dry Valley” is Mastadons’ first single on their new album, The Hunter. Reaching a rarely seen dark corner of  Biskup’s imagination this dream project is his first video work in 6 years. He had this to say about it…

“It’s basically about waking up to find yourself being chased by death and having to reckon with dying and what that actually means to you. It’s a life/death metaphor where the girl in the video goes from hunted to hunter. There’s a whole lot more going on metaphorically, and the symbolism goes very deep and is very specific, but I’ll leave the rest up to interpretation.” -Tim Biskup

via loudwire, via BoingBoing