Tiny Totem Sculptures On Crayons

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Artist, tinkerer and collector of dolls, Diem Chau meticulously carves characters into Crayons. Her work expresses a sense of story telling and mythology. She is available for commissions and portraits as well. Check out her blog for more little wonders.

Just like MUNNY, these mini monument’s kryptonite is heat and sunlight!






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  1. Visvim Hockney

    really like you so significantly but I wish to share myself with a different.

  2. Anon

    In fifth grade I developed an intense habit of making boats out of crayons after we got a permanent substitute that I hated. Eventually there were several crayons and a pile of crayon shavings in my desk constantly. I would also carve faces and shapes into them with pencils.
    Boredom inspires great things.

  3. dazzle

    This is so cool, I showed this to my 16yr old daughter, she went crazy saying i want one, great job, keep it up

  4. @adunbier

    super awesome! i can just imagine what would happen if my kids found a stash of those lol! they'd be making art with fine art fo sho.

  5. Kurisha Beckles

    wow that obviously takes a lot of talent and concentration, and a steady hand. keep it up this is a one of a kind talent.

  6. LuLu

    omg, this is so cool. to think someone can fit that much detail onto such a little crayon!

  7. Matt

    It's the Chinese Zodiac in the first picture. I want.

  8. padowajo

    Soon everybody will be paying hundreds for just one of them!!

  9. padowajo

    Soon everybody will be paying hundreds for just one of them!!

  10. dunz0

    The green one is absolutely phenomenal! This is such a neat idea