Wrap Up – San Diego Comic Con 2012

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San Diego Comic Con 2012

The Con has come and gone. The exclusives have sold out and our beloved Chalk Board Dunny has been filled with doodles and tags by  people from all around the world. Over the week long convention we gathered footage of all kinds including an amazing mini doc by dopevinyl, a CNN iReport feature, many Booth Crashes, What’s Inside Your  Bag… and a bunch of wacky photos. Until next year relish in the aftermath of SDCC 2012.


SDCC 2012 Documentary by dopevinyl.tumblr.com

Scope out this mini documentary showing off some of the highlights from the urban vinyl community aka The Cultyard. With special cameos by customizing mad man Rsin Art, Munky King’s Afterparty with Angry Woebots, Luke Chueh & Touma, and Ryan the wheelbarrow’s live screenprinting at Kidrobot’s booth.

San Diego Comic Con 2012 from JAhern on Vimeo.


CNN iReport with Chris Morrow

Like years past, the awesome CNN iReporter Chris Morrow stopped by on Preview Night for a taste of what was on the Kidrobot exclusive menu for SDCC.


Booth Crashes

Through the thick and the thin of SDCC we managed to make our way through The Cultyard and drop in on a few of our neighbors.


What’s Inside Your Bag…

We even managed to harass a couple of Kidrobot fans and snoop inside their huge bags, including DS2011 Sweepstakes Winner Rhiannon Healey.