Shepard Fairey goes BIG in Detroit

Shepard Fairey is going big in Detroit, and we mean really big! This new and biggest mural yet measuring 180′ x 60′ feet, it is a permanent landmark for getting ready for his new show “Printed Matters”.Opening this tonight Friday, May 22 at the Library Street Collective, the show will feature a slew of Shep’s [...]

A Master of Origami

Origami is one thing I always think I can do and then toss the paper into the trashcan like a basketball after I give up. Dinh Truong Giang is the opposite of that and a true master Origami artist. Born in Hue, Vietnam and moved stateside to study architecture. Dinh Truong Giang uses a technique called [...]

The MUNNY Game has Been Stepped Up!

Ever since we announced last week that MUNNY was back in stock in the Kidrobot online store, the MUNNY customs have been flowing like Del tha Funkee Homosapien before and after Hieroglyphics. The creativity and artistry have been stepped up with MUNNY. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time artist or the casual fan, MUNNY [...]

The Toy Viking takes on the Labbit!

This past week, The Toy Viking dedicated an entire work week to reviewing a plethora of Labbits, and besides the amazing reviews, he had us laughing in our cubicles the entire time.


You have waited long enough, and now we can happily say that MUNNY has RETURNED to the Kidrobot online store! We are well stocked with 4″, 7″, and 18″ MUNNYs for all your DIY vinyl needs! Now the fun with MUNNY never ends! With MUNNY, you can can put your artistic mind to work creating [...]

“The DTA Dunny Show 2015″ Exhibition Catalog is Available Online Now!

As we here at The Clutter Gallery sit down with Kidrobot to discuss which artists to invite into “The 2nd Annual DTA Dunny Show,” it’s impossible not to think back on the initial outing from this past January. An art exhibition benefiting the Designer Toy Awards, it was filled with the sort of works that [...]

Best Fiends x Kidrobot

SERIOUSLY TEAMS UP WITH KIDROBOT TO CREATE BEST FIENDS COLLECTIBLE PRODUCTS First Slate of Vinyl Figures to Unveil at San Diego Comic-Con   SANTA MONICA, Calif. and BOULDER, Colorado– April 22, 2015 – Seriously, a mobile entertainment start-up, today announced it has partnered with Kidrobot, the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toys, to [...]

ROA Reveals the Hidden Anatomy of Animals

ROA just owned his show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery! This time, the Belgian artist known as ROA takes the black and white animals we have grown accustomed to from the streets and translates them on to  furniture that can be opened  to reveal the animal’s anatomical detail making a creative and interactive art piece. We have [...]

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