Wrap-Up: NYCC

We came, we saw, and we won an award…NYCC! New York Comic Con is done and everyone is procrastinating unpacking about now. Thanks to our pop up shop with Clutter, the Con was simply awesome! If you could’t make it to New York for this one, we got you covered! We had Scott Tolleson signing […]

Munny Monday special edition with Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas

  Are you stoked for The 13 Dunny Release party with Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas at 3D Retro? WE ARE!!!! We can’t wait to see these haunting Dunnys finally get out to all of you! Because of our excitement, we thought it would be nice to show off some of the custom Munnys Brandt […]

DTA Dunny Show 2 Artist profile: Artmymind

  Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine‘s Second Annual DTA Dunny Show is getting ever so close and this year’s Designer Toy Awards ceremony is even closer being that it is tomorrow October,10th during NYCC! The DTA Dunny show is a group custom show of 20” and 8” Dunnys by a variety of skilled artists. Sales from the show benefit […]

Fan Friday: Florencia Grasso

BOOM! We may be busy at NYCC, but we have to always make some room for Fan Friday! This week, we are featuring a splendid Kidrobot collection all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina from Florencia Grasso! Besides great images and a collection, Flroencia gave us a background on how she started collecting! “The first time […]

Kidrobot x Amanda Visell’s “Ferals” Mini Series Now Available!

Kidrobot x Amanda Visell’s “Ferals” Mini Series Now Available! Kidrobot has joined forces with Amanda Visell to produce the whimsical “Ferals” Mini Series!  Kidrobot is excited to partner with Amanda Visell to produce the first ever mixed platform blind box mini series! Amanda Visell has created the series using various platforms including MUNNY, Trikky, Raffy & Dunny. Retailing for […]

Clutter Magazine Kidrobot Pop-Up Shop: Josh Mayhem Blown Away Exclusive

Titled “Blown Away Series 2 – Exclusive Clutter Pink Colorway,” these 3-inch Dunnys have been modified with resin drips — creating the wind swept appearance — as well as acrylic paints by artist Josh Mayhem. Priced at $100 apiece, there are five colorful, UV reactive, and glow-in-the-dark ones as well as a special sixth transparent […]

Clutter Magazine x Kidrobot: Ron English & Scott Tolleson Signings

Clutter Magazine will be hosting the premiere destination to purchase Kidrobot items at this year’s New York Comic Con: a Kidrobot Pop-Up Shop. Alongside with the special pre-release items that will be available at the booth, Clutter Magazine will also host artist signings with Ron English & Scott Tolleson. Ron English’s Bart & Homer Simpson […]


Amanda Visell’s Ferals are ready to come out and play, Available now here! The Ferals Mini Series by Amanda Visell is precious, adorable, cute and the perfect addition to your Kidrobot collection.  In this collection, Amanda created a cast of characters using a variety Kidrobot’s platforms including MUNNY, TRIKKY, RAFFY & DUNNY. Collect them all: Snow Eating Macaque […]

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