Blood Red Witch Queen by Junko Mizuno
Kidrobot x NOH8 8" Clear Dunny With Rainbow Hearts
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Kidrobot presents Limited Edition Disney Vinyl Art Figures – Open for pre-orders on!

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We’re excited to expand our Disney collection with fresh and unusual takes on some classic Disney characters in the art vinyl medium!

As we head into Valentine’s Day, Kidrobot is excited to debut three Disney Art Vinyl figures that you will love. These are the first in a continuing line of creative collaborations. Kidrobot’s signature outlook is on full display in these pieces that will make a splash in any collection.

Extremely Limited Edition Kidrobot x Andy Warhol 12-Inch “Fragile” Bust Debuts!

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“I broke something today, and I realized I should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is.” – Andy Warhol

Kidrobot brings to life a limited-edition Andy Warhol 12-inch “Fragile” Bust as a and NTWRK exclusive. The inspiration for the design of this vinyl designer art toy comes from a 1962 composition by Warhol that tempts the viewer to consider the implications of fragility and art in pop culture.

This is a striking must-have for every Warhol fan.


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The Kidrobot Cyber Monday Vault Sale will begin Monday November 29th at 10AM MT!

To celebrate the holiday season and the end of another year, the elves at Kidrobot are once again cracking open the Vault! Inside, hidden gems have been kept in reserve, waiting for just the right time. The treasures unveiled this year will include a number of rarities, and some signed pieces too! What gifts to delight will be revealed?

BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE DROP: Kidrobot X 100% Soft Dumpster Fire Chrome Edition Drops Today!

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Last year Kidrobot brought you the 2020 Edition to commemorate the Dumpster Fire of a year! This year Kidrobot will bring you the Black Friday Chrome Edition of the Dumpster Fire collectible – like the hood ornament of the speeding car that is modern life. Shiny, sleek, reflective chrome. Going places fast. Still a box of trash on fire.
Based on the popular gif and pin by 100% Soft, this Kidrobot x 100% Soft Dumpster Fire Chrome Edition vinyl collectible is a Black Friday Exclusive to Limited stock available.

NEW The Simpsons Plush Alter-egos Fly in at

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From The Simpsons animated television series, Kidrobot presents The Simpsons 8” Alter-Ego Phunny Plush. This collection features Bart Simpson as Bartman, Lisa Simpson as Clobber Girl, Radioactive Man and The Collector. All figures measure 8” in the seated position and are made of premium plush materials. Coming 2021 from Kidrobot.

Pre-order these plush hero’s right now at and select retail stores!