Product Preview- Flight 3″ Dunny by KaNO

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  We’ve always known Dunny is more than meets the eye.

So Long Stupid Holidays Sale

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Good things come to those who procrastinate. Feeling guilty that your neighbor bought you a gift but you didn’t get them anything? No fear, our post-holiday sale has come to save the day. Shop now for up to 75% off … Continued

YUMMY Makes A Great…

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This season, YUMMY is the absolute perfect gift for any person or thing that doesn’t have a black, bottomless pit for a soul.

Wrap Up- Shadow Friend Dunny Release and Signing Events

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Last week, we were honored to have Angry Woebots, aka Aaron Martin, to our California stores for a special pre-release at Kidrobot Los Angeles, followed by an event at Kidrobot San Francisco on release night. Aaron even customized our wall … Continued

Apocalypse Dunny Series Kukulcan Shadow Edition Dunny Release and Signing

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  Meet us at Kidrobot San Francisco for a release and signing event with artist Jesse Hernandez to celebrate his newest Dunny. The event will take place on 12/20 from 6-8pm.

The .Gif That Keeps On .Giffing Holiday Contest

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The Seasonal Shenanigans continue this December at Kidrobot with our fun inducing, eye popping, social spreading holiday contest — The .Gif That Keeps .Giffing!

Holiday Apparel Look of the Day

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‘Tis the season to dress to impress. We are revealing one carefully crafted look a day in conjunction with a caption contest on Facebook. If you time your words right, you could win that outfit. Check this post for a … Continued

Product Preview- Apocalypse Dunny Series Kukulcan Shadow Edition 3″ Dunny

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It has been said Kukulcan can make the earth shake, that he can predict storms, that he is a messenger between the Kings and the Gods. It has been prophesized by the Mayans that in 2012, as the 5th world ends, … Continued

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