Look! It’s A Real Life LEGO Bridge

You might need a double take when you notice the brilliant LEGO Bridge by German artist Megx. Covering over 250 square meters of overpass, this vibrant public art project took 4 weeks to finish.



UPDATED: 6/22/12

Congratulations to all the winners of this installment of KING OF THE BOARDS with Task One…

Dunny (email): Allen Pettenger

Mini MUNNY (Forums): wyldaxe

Mini BUB (Facebook): Nick Curtis

White MUNNY Bear (Instagram): @drftdrgn21

Black with Red MUNNY Bear (Twitter): @gloomy_art

Black with Green MUNNY Bear (Twitter): @Jkulb


The time has come once again to give props where props are due. Welcome to Kidrobot’s Forums artist feature and exclusive custom giveaway, KING OF THE BOARDS. Our message boards are brimming with artistic talent and there comes a time when you must recognize it and celebrate. Now is your chance to score one of the exclusive custom creations from the 6-piece “OUTBURSTS” series by artist Task One.

To get your name in the 6 random drawings for this socially conscious contest, you have to be a friend or follower in one or all of our many KR social communities. Here’s how you enter:

• Dunny – email wheelbarrow@kidrobot.com with a pic of your favorite Task One custom of all time
• Mini MUNNY – Comment on the Forums thread [HERE]
• Mini BUB – “Like” us and Comment on our Facebook post [HERE]
• Black MUNNY Bears – Retweet the hashtag #KINGOFTHEBOARDS & Follow @kidrobot and @taskoner on Twitter
• White MUNNY Bear – Like our post on Instagram @kidrobot and comment with hashtag #KINGOFTHEBOARDS

If you dare accept our challenges, maximize your chances to win and complete all tasks through our various social networks. This amazing contest will end next Thursday, June 21. Winners will be announced the next day Friday, June 22.


Record Breaking LEGO Skyscraper In Seoul

South Korea celebrated LEGO’s 80th anniversary earlier this week by constructing a record breaking skyscraper using 50,000 of the beloved little plastic bricks. Taking place in front of the Seoul Olympic Stadium, 4,000 kids helped build the 31.9-meter, 104.65-foot tower, with the help of a few professional LEGO model builders of course. The 5 day event attracted a crowd of over 30,000 including the Crown Prince of Denmark, who placed the final brick topping France’s previous record by 31-centimeters.


The Amazing Free Universal Construction Kit

Inspired by the limitless imaginations of kids, the Free Universal Construction Kit combines the functionality of 10 different building toys to provide endless possibilities of creative fun. The brilliant minds at F.A.T. Lab and Sy-Lab have created almost 80 adapter blocks that enable fully inter-operability between LEGO, Duplo, Fischertechnik, Gears! Gears! Gears!, K’Nex, Krinkles  (Bristle Blocks), Lincoln Logs, Tinkertoys, Zome, and Zoob. These free open source designs can be downloaded from sites like Thingiverse.com to be produced at home with 3D printers like Makerbot. Thanks to the Free Universal Construction Kit, kids (and adults) can create toy contraptions that were once only dreamt about.

To find out more info visit F.A.T. Lab’s website.


Stop Motion LEGO Graffiti Rules!

Stop motion animation, LEGOs, graffiti! What’s not to like? Even if you are one of the 109,000+ people who have already seen this, I’m sure you won’t mind watching it again. Props to Elvisistnochamleben for taking over 1,300 pics to make such a cool school art project.


Don’t Miss Designer Con 2011

In 2006, the Vinyl Toy Network brought together companies, designers, artists, retailers, and distributors all under one roof to showcase the world of vinyl toys. Now known as Designer Con aka D-CON, the show has grown tremendously and incorporates the worlds of plush, sculpture, apparel, print, and more into this annual art nerd convention.



UPDATED: 10/16/11

Alright you New York Comic Con goers, get ready for the scavenger hunt hi-jinx to begin on the East Coast with another round of OPERATION: BLINDBOX. Just like in San Diego, follow us on Twitter @Kidrobot all throughout NYCC for daily adventures of wacky and random tasks to perform in order to win huge mysterious boxes. These amazing blindboxes are jammed packed with unobtainable toys pulled straight out of our production department, such as plastic samples, paint masters, accessories and lots of awesome bits of vinyl. The daily tasks won’t be given out until the morning of that day. Taking place on Days 1,2 and 3, the first fanatic to fulfill these daily de-classified missions and bring everything back to Kidrobot Booth 774 will take home one these precious prizes. That is all… for now.


OPERATION: BLINDBOX – Kidrobot’s SDCC Scavenger Hunt

UPDATED: 7/24/11

Get ready to get ready for Kidrobot’s wild and random SDCC Scavenger Hunt, OPERATION: BLINDBOX. Stay tuned all week to @kidrobot on Twitter for the de-classified daily missions tweeted every morning before the Con. On Days 1-4, you and your friends can hustle in pursuit of winning one of the 4 mega-blindboxes awarded daily. The first person to complete all the various tasks and takes the items to KR’s Booth 4529 wins that day’s prize. Each mystery pack is hand-stenciled and cramped packed with paint samples, factory test pulls, too many accessories, mini figures, exclusive wristbands and vinyl bits of randomness. That is all… for now.


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