Look! It’s A Real Life LEGO Bridge

You might need a double take when you notice the brilliant LEGO Bridge by German artist Megx. Covering over 250 square meters of overpass, this vibrant public art project took 4 weeks to finish.


Record Breaking LEGO Skyscraper In Seoul

South Korea celebrated LEGO’s 80th anniversary earlier this week by constructing a record breaking skyscraper using 50,000 of the beloved little plastic bricks. Taking place in front of the Seoul Olympic Stadium, 4,000 kids helped build the 31.9-meter, 104.65-foot tower, with the help of a few professional LEGO model builders of course. The 5 day event attracted a crowd of over 30,000 including the Crown Prince of Denmark, who placed the final brick topping France’s previous record by 31-centimeters.


Stop Motion LEGO Graffiti Rules!

Stop motion animation, LEGOs, graffiti! What’s not to like? Even if you are one of the 109,000+ people who have already seen this, I’m sure you won’t mind watching it again. Props to Elvisistnochamleben for taking over 1,300 pics to make such a cool school art project.


LEGO Graf x Death


What if Death were made of little interlocking plastic bricks? Still terrifying.

Check the Flickr page of DROP HPC-ANC for some incredible character-driven graf writing.


Graffiti Art Sculpted with Legos


Blackbooks are so last season. A band of artists on Flickr are taking graffiti to whole new level with LEGOs. Contribute or just gawk in amazement at these pint-sized works of art at the Urban Culture and Lego group.

via Albotas


Lego iPhone App Let’s You Lego-ize Your Pics


You can use this nifty Lego iPhone App to Lego-ize pictures and get all artsy. It will transform any picture you take and makes multiple versions with a simple touch. We decided to have a mini photoshoot and try it out on MUNNY and Vasily.

The app is free, so try your hand at building a work of lego art using Kidrobot toys. Post pictures to Flickr with the tag “Kidrobot Lego App”.


Fallingwater in LEGOs


In 1934, organic architect and interior designer, Frank Lloyd Wright designed Fallingwater, a architectural masterpiece meant to bring man closer to nature. It was three years before the house was completed outside of Pittsburgh, PA where it still stands today.

If you can follow the directions, you can make your own little Fallingwater in an afternoon with this super minimal, yet completely accurate set from LEGO.

Of course, if that’s not your speed, you can always pick up the Volkswagen Beetle, old school brownstone-style Green Grocer or (!!!!1!) working Motorized Walking AT-AT!

Lego That Hammer!

Lego House bashed to pieces

Just like the days when my best friend’s older brother would come along and stomp on our meticulously engineered space village, the authorities of Dorking, Surrey in the UK demolished the 3 million brick, life-sized Lego house created by British TV personality, James May.

Lego House Roof being dismantled

Built without the proper permits required for a structure of its stature and lacking an interested buyer, the now dismantled plastic mansion will be donated (in tiny pieces) to local children’s charities where the house will hopefully be reincarnated as 100,000 space villages.

Lego House being destroyed

Lego House Kitchen

photos by INS

Check out the story about the Lego house being built.

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