Lego That Hammer!

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Just like the days when my best friend’s older brother would come along and stomp on our meticulously engineered space village, the authorities of Dorking, Surrey in the UK demolished the 3 million brick, life-sized Lego house created by British TV personality, James May.

Built without the proper permits required for a structure of its stature and lacking an interested buyer, the now dismantled plastic mansion will be donated (in tiny pieces) to local children’s charities where the house will hopefully be reincarnated as 100,000 space villages.

photos by INS

Check out the story about the Lego house being built.

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  1. Presley

    As a designer I think it stinks. As a financial consultant I think its money lost…at $9.99 for one block and a photo keepsake,you could be on ebay for a lifetime. Or what #6 said.
    I am glad those guys are not in charge of the world finance recovery!!!

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  4. Aleloop

    This is a shame. The government could have left it as a museum or cultural value structure but not destroy it.

  5. oscar falcón lara

    This is wrong… Sure he should have filed a permit request, that alone would have been sufficient but I guess authorities in the UK are narrow minded, fascist and plain “OLD thinking” bureaucrats. Feel bad for James May and for this project, it was really one of a kind.

    Was it absolutely necessary for them to demolish?, probably not.

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  7. Blah

    What’s more appalling is that they didn’t use a colossal lego wrecking ball to demolish the structure.

  8. BRiZL

    aww mann!! it would of been such an awesome tourist spot!! no interested buyers?? dude, this could of been a cash machine! LOL! Too bad for them. I wish I’d checked it out in person before the “grown-ups” took over.

  9. lego bricks

    OMG that made me cry, im in luv with legos, and this is just horible. if he wants to do it in the states i will help, becuz i actually want a lego house my self

  10. Nicole

    While I’m glad that they’re donating the Legos to children’s charities, I still think it’s bullshit they’re tearing it down just because it didn’t have permits.